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Art for arts sake... Humans have made art since forever. To sell, to tell stories or just for fun! Art can say things that words can only try to explain. Art is a wonder!


We have experience in running workshops with young people, budding artists and people with disABILITIES. Workshops will be tailor made to meet your needs.


Contact us for further information about your needs or project.

Used paintbrushes with canvas and colors in background

Dove Doodle Pte Ltd aims to build an inclusive society through promoting visual arts in the community and celebrating diversities among individuals with artistic inclinations and abilities.


Mike Juggins was invited to exhibite paintings in Singapore by Dove Doodle at The Art House. During his short stay, Mike conducted children's art workshops and gave parents' talk for the dyslexic and special needs community.


ArtSafe Pte Ltd also assisted in shipping and logistic handling of the paintings from UK to Singapore. Mr Ong (Managing Director) and his team also provided Mike with the chance to view the wonderful art work on display at ArtSafe.


Mikes' aim is to return again soon with... new warm and colourful work to share.


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